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India Beach Fashion Week is a few days away… and it's interesting to speak with the designers, all with rich experiences that form the base of their collections. Fashion is a business where tradition, creativity and craftsmanship convene and I can't think of anyone who does it better than leading resort designer Anupama Dayal. Anupamaa puts the dream first—and the ultimate dream is to dress like a princess. She delights with traditional fabrics, a more-is-more mentality and always strikes an emotional chord. And while her look is globally relevant, and her label is present in 21 resort destinations worldwide, did you know that the tassels embellishing each garment, in all her collections, are handcrafted by women in Munirka village to empower them with sustainable livelihood? In conversation with Anupama Dayal.


Anupama showcased a fabulous pret line at the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week and is gearing up to present her signature resort wear at India Beach Fashion Week. ''My label is present in 21 resort destinations across the world including Ibiza and Greek Islands. However, in India, I see Goa as the sole resort destination and am so glad to be a part of this platform for resort designers. I really admire how India Beach Fashion Week is getting stronger with each season and am looking forward to growing my label with it.''


The inspiration is personal—and globally relevant 'I was in Paris when I began working on my collection for India Beach Fashion Week. During dinner with one of my mentors, the phrase 'le optimiste' kept coming up. The morning after, I knew what I wanted to express, and titled my collection 'Le Optimiste'. So when we meet at sunset by the mighty Arabian Sea, I will give you a collection that will uplift you. In textures, I feel I have peeled from the soul of the subcontinent. And colours that we all agree are slightly 'out of control' in my hands!! I may not know balance but I promise that I have been in harmony with the essence of 'le optimiste'. They are in collages of patchwork, tassels, bits of print and embroideries. Playful, artisanal and designed to work in any context and in any resort destination in the world.''


Fun, fabulous and empowered, I always look up to Anupama for wardrobe advice. ''The three must-haves in a woman's wardrobe are quality scarves that double up as a sarong or halter dress; crazy beads that you would never wear in your hometown but would look fabulous at a resort destination; and a bikini because a woman must celebrate her body instead of shying away from revealing skin!'' Fabulous advice indeed—and one I'd be sure to heed in Goa!

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