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Founded by Ravi and Mina Chawla, Ravissant made its foray into luxury retail three decades back with haute couture and silver craft in association with world renowned silversmiths Paul Binder from Switzerland and Jan Van Nouhuys from Schonhoven University, then diversified into home collections. Beginning with two stores, the brand now has five stores, showcasing collections for a bespoke lifestyle. In conversation with Ravi Chawla.


''Ravissant customers are connoisseurs of fine living. They are tasteful individuals. The customer base, for us, is fortunately like a legacy pass down. Customers, when we started, had a personal connection with the brand. Their children have grown appreciating the brand and are our new age clientele. That said, we give individual attention to each client and believe in developing exclusive products for them as per their desire. Our customised services transform ideas into products, with expert assistance from our design team, and every year we expand our product portfolio to suit different occasions and price categories. Each piece is exclusive, carrying with it a guarantee of authenticity and trust, and is available only as limited edition sets.


The luxury silverware trend is moving more towards opulence with a lot of texture and a combination of silver with beads and semi-precious stones like lapis and malachite. Centrepieces, as well as small décor items, are in demand. I would highly recommend our new centrepiece with a hint of gold plating, set on a deep base of lapis lazuli. This would be the cynosure in any setting. Besides, any collector would like to have a unique 'piece of art', placeable in any setting, and there is nothing better than a handcrafted piece with fine craftsmanship and a mix of materials like precious gemstones with wood and silver.''

Ravi Chawla, Managing Director, Ravissant
Imperial Collection, Ravissant
Imperial Collection, Ravissant
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