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Meet Harsh Khullar — stylist extraordinaire, this pioneering entrepreneur conceptualised, executed and launched'The Man You Wish To Be', which takes styling to a completely new level and transforms the man. Above all, he is humble, sincere, hardworking and has an innate ability to sartorially transform people. He loves what he does and that drives him to go beyond clients' expectations. So is it a wonder his client list is stacked with India's A-List? Yeah, you'll likely be hearing a lot more about him soon. In the meantime, here's a candid conversation with the man many wish to be.



Let's talk about you. Describe your style in three words.

My style is related to a personal word that describe the contemporary dapper man who is not afraid to experiment with style and flamboyance tempered with a minimalistic approach in his overall look. So, to sum up in three words, flamboyant- bling- powerful.


For most men.. you are their icon. You are the man they wish to be. Who are your style icons?

Well, if I were to be honest, I don't have a style icon whom I follow. My style icon is my mirror because I aspire to look better than I did yesterday; it reflects my desire to continuously work on myself. To name a few, though, I really admire Lady Gaga and Tom Ford; I know they are very different personalities but I look up to both for their individual style. 


Do you wear a favorite piece to death? If so.. which garment and why?

Yes!! I love wearing my Yezzy Boost 350's from Kanye West  I wear them almost all of the time because they bring out the best in me and they are my go-to comfy shoes!! 


What would you never wear?

A hextie! I personally feel hexties are the most disgusting accessories a dapper man can own. I really don't like them because a tie should be a fabric felt on top of a shirt, not a wooden piece on your shirt!! I feel fabrics bring out the best in a person and not any other element.


Harsh.. what personally inspired you to come up with the unique concept 'The Man You Wish To Be'

I have grown up with the urge to become someone. Back in the days, I didn't look how I do now and I have worked real hard on my personality and the way I dress. Whether it's personal grooming, fitness, life motivation, acceptance of self or a healthy lifestyle, I've worked hard to transform myself. So, I think if I can do it, why can't I inspire people to work on themselves? The Power of 'you' comes from within!! I believe only you can transform yourself; no one else can do that for you. People can only share advice and show you the path.


How would you describe the brand 'The Man You Wish To Be'? What does it offer?

'The Man You Wish To Be' is a concept I created a year back. It's threaded with the goal of inspiring men worldwide i.e. acceptance of his body, his inner self; in short, accepting who he is as a whole. Because when he accepts who he is, then  comes a person like me, to guide him and provide all the means to reach where he wants to be in life. Let me explain this differently. Every morning you wakeup and look at yourself in the mirror, read magazines, watch television, and what do you think? You think, I want to be someone. I want to be accepted. And that's what I work on. I inspire people that if I can transform myself, both physically and mentally, to achieve my destination, so can all of them. I was so motivated by the idea I knew deep down in my heart I could do it. Today, it's such a blessing to be able to do what I love every day and work with clients who inspire me.. work for the sheer happiness that comes to me when my client is happy.


The Man You Wish To Be offers its clients::

. Personal wardrobe correction 

. Personality development

. Grooming and styling services 

. Wedding wardrobe styling 

. Introduction to self improvement


Let's get into details. What do men come to you for? What do they wish to be and how do you make it happen as it's a complete transformation?

When someone comes to me, he comes with the motive of transforming himself to the man he aspires to be. He may wish to be a style icon or power dresser; I help him to achieve his desired look. A complete transformation involves grooming, change of personal style, rounds of wardrobe corrections, analysing the client to teach him how to dress up or dress down, how to walk, talk and appear in public because I work on two words — Image and Identity. Your first impression is your last impression i.e. the moment you walk into a room to the moment you exit. So why not make an impact?! So, yes, I’m open to working with everyone. Today I've worked on a number of clients wether it's a man or a woman, with the launch of my 'The Woman You Wish To Be. My approach is very welcoming, I have rounds of discussions with clients in order to know more about their lifestyle. One has to go through their wardrobe to analyse how are they wearing their clothes and how can they recreate. I don't always make my clients buy stuff. I help them recreate from their existing wardrobe . Why waste money?


Some people come to me for a wedding wardrobe, others for office wardrobe and few want me to be their personal shopper. Let me share an example with you. A client who once came was a shy guy who didn't know how to dress for most occasions. He was a good looking man but what was lacking was confidence. I worked on him, introduced him to the salon, introduced him to colors in his wardrobe. For a month, we did this exercise. Day1 to Day20 he underwent a complete transformation in grooming, daily habits, health [he was eating clean], taking care of himself. He made an effort to dress up. So it was very heartening when around Day25, a lot of people from his friend circle came up to me and asked how I had completely changed him. What he was a month back and what he is now are two different people. We did this exercise for about four months and he is a changed man. He has lost 18 kgs and inculcated certain routines into his daily life. Today, when I see him, I feel so happy. Because he is happy with this image. I love clients who appreciate my work and my approach!! It’s what he always wanted to be but didn't know how to go about it.


Can you describe what an average day with a client of 'The Man You Wish To Be' might look like?

Fun intended, too much information, shopping!! Rounds of discussions over coffee, sketches, market research. I meet the client, and there you go; it all starts when I give them good or bad feedback and we make a checklist of things to do in order to chive their goals. And we begin working on it!!


What's the most fun part of your chosen career?

The most fun part of my career is meeting interesting people as I believes in creating relationships. There have been times when I've had tears in my eyes, on witnessing the complete transformation of my clients and how happy they are now. Styling and transforming their overall look, lifestyle goals and daily living, is such an intimate thing. I bond with these people, and so witnessing them slowly transform into the man they have always dreamt of being one day, is an emotional moment.


The most challenging?

It's a lot and it can be stressful at times but I love what I do so much that I mange to make everything look easy.The most challenging is never there.. till the time a client doesn't respect you. I can work; I can guide; But you need to follow the guidance plan?!


What made you diversify into styling celebrities- editorial shoots- campaigns?

I love my work! I love styling campaigns! My urge to build my aesthetic vision comes from these assignments. Diversity is always required. I feel my art, my styling knowledge and the appreciation of my work comes with that one picture that I curate. And, as I love feedback for me to improve, these add-ons are a road to improvement and an urge to achieve the impossible. 


What are your responsibilities at Vogue Prive? Do tell us more about the concept and your role there.

Vogue Prive is an International e-commerce fashion site with the most edgy quirky designers from India and around the world, curated with sensibilities that lead to a contemporary, minimalistic approach. It's a dream project and I'm very thankful to their team to have given me the opportunity to be Head Stylist. My job there is to curate the designers' collections with a certain sensibility. I style and curate photo-shoots of all e-commerce lookbooks. There is a regular involvement with new trends and aesthetics… what’s in fashion and what's not.


What other projects are you working on right now or in the near future?

Throughout my journey, I've been appreciated for the work I have been doing by being honoured at pageants, seminars and events. A lot of people have begun appreciating my work, which is my life. Currently I'm only working on 'The Man You Wish To Be' and Vogue Prive. But I'm also looking forward to collaborating with designers and brands for photo-shoots, styling and seminars as I've been doing freelance styling as well. 

The Man You Wish To Be
Harsh Khullar: The Man You Wish To Be
The Man You Wish To Be
Harsh Khullar at work
The Man You Wish To Be
Look styled by Harsh Khullar for Vogue Prive
The Man You Wish To Be
Look styled by Harsh Khullar for Vogue Prive
The Man You Wish To Be
look conceptualised and styled by Harsh Khullar
The Man You Wish To Be
Behind The Scenes with Harsh Khullar
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