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British Asian RJ and actor Anushka Arora recently won "Best Radio Presenter of the Year" at Asian Media Awards 2018. In conversation with the all-rounder acclaimed for her radio show, her appearance in 'Fan' and her anchoring in Bollywood tours, the most recent being Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mikka Singh in London.


''A career in broadcasting was always my interest. Nothing too complicated but I knew my calling early. Being a people's person all my life, media was the answer. I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue as my profession, while at the university. There I was told that if I wanted to be in Radio, I would have to start by gaining experience at a local hospital. They have in-house radio stations inside the wards and that is considered to be a great foundation for a career in Radio. So, a two- hour Bollywood show at Ealing Hospital was my first position as radio presenter. I was nominated for Best Radio Presenter at Hospital Radio Awards which boosted my confidence and gradually I moved onto Bollywood shows at local community radios.


Every day is a challenge! There is a lot of research and preparation that goes into my radio show and when there isn't enough content out there for a four-hour show it gets difficult but I overcome it by constantly thinking of different ways to entertain my listeners. The most satisfying part of this career is when my listeners show me love. Sometimes when they call the studio, just to say hi, it means the world to me!! There have been many memorable moments but the one that stands out in my memory is my very first interview — when John Abraham walked into the studio! He was doing promotions for 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal'. And I instantly fell in love with the tall, handsome hulk with a gorgeous smile and very warm personality… That said, there is some advice I'd like to share with young people who dream of being a radio jockey — it's not all about talking and blabbing. Radio jockeying demands a lot of hard work, not just from an individual but from a team. It's essential not to give up on yourself, your presentation and your knowledge. Because it takes determination and confidence to leave a mark in this field. Be patient, have faith in yourself and work hard!


Winning 'Best Radio Presenter of the Year' at Asian Media Awards is a major milestone. I'm uber excited that the industry noticed my talent and nominated me for such a prestigious award!! I will continue to work hard and make India proud overseas! It makes me joyous of how appreciative people have become of different career options! As for progressing in one field of work, that's not a priority if I'm recognised for the effort I put in any profession. In fact I was always interested in acting but was scared to pursue it… moreover the opportunity didn't present itself till 'Fan'! Although it was one line, it seemed like a powerful one opposite Shah Rukh Khan and it was received very well. Two years later, people still tell me they saw me in the movie and that's a really nice feeling. I did it purely for experience and for the love of camera but little did I know the dialogue would be a prominent one, unlike any offered to others.  And that's how the journey in movies started. My favourite celebrity moment has to be with Shah Rukh Khan. I worked with him during the promotions of 'Chennai Express' when they came to London and I anchored at the press conference. In the end, he came up to me and said, 'thank you'. I'll never forget that. It's always nice to be appreciated by someone of his stature. He then came back for 'Fan' and 'Dilwale'. He always took the time out to say hello; he makes you feel special and there is a level of respect with him. He just gets it… Currently though I'm hosting weddings and shows! As for the films, I am waiting for Karan Johar to contact me! [Pun intended]!


On a serious note, I see myself continuously growing. As a media person and human. I believe it's essential for any person to grow on a personal level before they can grow professionally. People often ask me how I balance work and personal life but that's the beauty of this industry. When attending events, networking or working it really doesn't feel like work; it feels like I'm catching up with friends and colleagues…''

Actor, RJ Anushka Arora
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