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Team "High Tide" is poised to be a game changer at Mumbai Super League as co-owners Dipannita Sharma and Milan Chitalia gear up to transform into reality their vision of making Table Tennis as big a commercially viable sport as any other. Model, actor and entrepreneur Dipannita Sharma reveals the game plan!


"New and fresh ideas interest me. I have always catered to my need to be multi dimensional and enterprising. There are so many things to do in the world and if I have the ability to, I feel I shouldn't limit myself. Which is why when I was approached by my business partner, Milan Chitalia, to collaborate on a team to support table tennis I agreed readily because it also happens to be a sport that I'm passionate about. I used to play in the school team and participate in tournaments organised for children in my hometown. My dad has been an ardent sports enthusiast all his life and because of that I have always felt that all sports deserve equal support. Table tennis is a popular sport that has the potential to scale new heights in the near future, in our country.


This is the very first sports venture for me which is why it made sense to start with a team such as 'High Tide' and a league that believes in taking smart baby steps such as Mumbai Super League. We had a players auction recently, where eight team owners had a points system for players. I enjoyed this process immensely because it was a new experience for me. It was me, Mr. Chitalia and our coach Mr. Gurcharan Singh who mutually decided on the bids. I must say, we are greatly satisfied with the team we have and believe they are our stars. They are an accomplished, hard working bunch. In fact, we have a great balance in our team. They are all of various ranks but for me they are my best! Their individual strengths and weaknesses are something we would  like to keep under wraps till the tournament but our coach is doing a great job of honing their strengths and working on their weaknesses. As a combined team I think they work perfectly. We are a realistic team; we know our strengths and weaknesses but at the same time have immense faith in our players and that's what defines my vision for 'High Tide'. I believe we will grow together hand in hand. We have several long term plans, which will come into play once the first year tournament takes shape and we have the results in place. We have a solid team in place which I think fulfils the prerequisite for future success. Right now, we are concentrating on coaching our players right and motivating them towards taking Mumbai Super League very seriously. One step at a time is our motto!


In a sport like TT where there are singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches it's important to play on both individual and team strengths. It's tricky, because technically it's not a team sport; a lot of emphasis is given to the singles matches and the duo teams are formed only when players are involved in a doubles or mixed doubles match.  In a tournament like this, it becomes imperative for all the players from various categories in the team to feel like they are playing with and for each other even though they might not be playing every match together and that onus is on us to make them feel united and to help them believe that they are one unit. That's what we strive to do in team 'High Tide'. The challenge we have taken up this year is not just to win this tournament but also to widely create awareness about the sport as much as we can. Our aim is to popularise it so that it becomes as big a commercially viable sport as any other and we believe that with the right kind of marketing it has great potential to. The feedback so far has been tremendously encouraging and positive. There is a lot of support coming from all around. We have been constantly thanked for supporting a sport that hitherto most other franchises have shied away from and that's very reassuring. We derive strength from this support. 


Looking forward, there are several projects which we are looking at in the near future under our sports and entertainment company. As and when our plans get finalised, we will keep revealing!"

Dipannita Sharma, High Tide
Model and actor Dipannita Sharma
Dipannita Sharma, High Tide
Dipannita Sharma in her new role as team owner of High Tide!
Dipannita Sharma, High Tide
High Tide trains to be the best!
Dipannita Sharma, High Tide
High Tide
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