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High on Heels !!!

Women and their love affair with heels has intrigued many minds in and outside the fashion circuit. For centuries these towering beauties have managed to enjoy the “super” accessory status. No urban woman’s closet dream is fulfilled unless she brings home those 9 to 5 Choos, alluring red soles or SATC-inspired Blahniks. And in all fairness, after spending a fortune on those coveted items, one has the right to flaunt them unapologetically. 

It is one thing that you can never get wrong with (I call it  a sole connection!!!). It has always come to our rescue in our time of low (literally). While designing looks for clients using complementing heels is always critical and aesthetically challenging for me. (Fashion Tip: want to experiment with a new look? choose statement heels; you can never go wrong in them.) My clients have always seen visible results when I motivate and help them to wear heels in the right manner to make them feel tall and visibly empowered. It is indeed the great aesthetics value they offer that has got the patrons around the world wanting for more every season. And no matter how much I am awe struck by its beauty and charm I can’t deny the physiological aspect of wearing high heels. These issues are common and vary from age to health of the person. 
Over the years I have learnt and prescribed that some simple awareness and prevention methods can allow you wear your heels guilt free. (In my case I can run marathons in heels). In my years in fashion I have learnt the ways to combat issues related to wearing heels: if you can responsibly wear your heels you can enjoy wearing them for many years in your life. Some of the common issues related to wearing heels can be dealt with simple inexpensive tools:
Fit it Right: When it comes to heels, no matter how great those shoes look on you... if they don’t fit right you are going to look more like Bamboo-on-Rocks rather than sexy-legs-on-the-runway. (Tip: for beginners start slow with a moderately sized heel (1-2 inches) and as you grow accustomed to them... up the size. Tip: if your shoe is too loose in the back you can always add padding inserts to ensure a nice fit!
Pay attention: If your heels gives you extreme pressure around the toes, chances are it can cause calluses, corns and bunions. Pain in The Heel: this is the easiest fix there is! Just place a heel cushion on the back part of the shoe where your heel sits. Pain In The Front Of The Foot: occurs when the shoe does not provide enough cushion. This is another easy fix. Add a cushion gel insole insert at the front of your shoe. It’s absolutely vital to add a little extra cushioning if you’re prone to pain around your toes. 
Support the arches: Achy arches are caused by not having enough support along the arch especially those with high arches. This can cause a tight or throbbing feeling in the arch. Consider seeing a Podiatrist as you may have a high arched feet. Women with high arches may actually find high heels more comfortable than flats. Try slipping an Arch Support insert onto your high heel. (Tip): wedge heels are handy for women who do not feel comfortable in pencil heels but want to enjoy the heighted attention.
Sport a good posture: One of the keys to walking in high heels is a solid posture. Make sure your body is relaxed and your arms are loose and at your sides since they will help you balance as you walk. You should be standing up straight, your head high and your feet facing forward!
There are hundred of styles in the modern high heel family, choose the ones that keep your legs long, happy and beautiful! Happy Heeling!!!
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