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Commerce graduate Felix Bendish undertook Fashion Design at L.S Raheja School of Fashion and Design and ventured into costume designing. The next move was export of embroideries and soon his label was producing high fashion embroideries for the International market. The axis of his design philosophy lies in not being afraid to experiment and I've admired observing him transferring couture embroidery on to accessories and today... launching a line of couture clutches. Over to him.

On the launch of your couture line of clutches
My clutches are mostly for evening wear. They are designed in a way that each piece could be worn with an Indian attire or western wear. I have used leather and rich textured fabrics along with Swarovski elements. This season my collection is titled 'Nector' as it is steeped in floral motifs and bees!!
On the design process that he goes through with each piece
Each accessory piece has its own mood. They are very well finished as it is for a luxury fair. We have played with different techniques of  surface ornamentation.
On the key trend in clutches... and if Goth is indeed back!
Urban cool and chic box clutches are making  a statement! Spikes has been in trend from last season and we do have spiked clutches too. 
On how his brand evolution since its launch and categories he'd like to explore
I started off with designing neckpieces and brooches. This time my collection is mostly high end clutches. For the first time I'm using  lazor cutting acrylic in my design feature.
On his design aesthetic
We create high fashion embroidered accessories which are mostly embellished with crystals and fine bead work as we work with a lot of International clients who like such ornamentation. Keeping on-trend designs and quality in mind while creating each piece.. our quality control is of a high standard.
On some of the projects he's working on
Currently we are working on high end clutches for our International buyers. The Indian accessories market has evolved and has buying capacity.. it is ready to explore the luxury segment and carving a niche in the domestic luxury market will be a challenge I look forward to!!
On the best compliment he's ever received
Felix Bendish designs are original and creative!
On fashion advice for our readers
Wear what suits your personality. Be comfortable and stylish in your own right.
On what's next
I will be showcasing in a luxury trade event at The Kila in New Delhi during 22-24 March. So now it's couture time'''.
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03-MARCH-2013 Malini Sengupta
Jasmeen I like the way you highlight young designers who should be in the spotlight!
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