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No shampoo will make your hair grow faster, no shampoo will instantly thicken it up, no shampoo will add mountains of volume, and no shampoo will fix your entire hair issues. Sure, some will assist but none are a miracle cure!

Better quality means your hair will look its best for longer but we have to understand that. Sure, some products may assist in adding volume or maintaining shine and assist in rebuilding the internal structure but there is no one-time fix. We have to be realistic and be educated enough to understand the product we are buying into. Just because there is an actor in a media campaign endorsing the product does not mean this person has ever used it !
Some of the best products I have used the companies spend not one rupee on advertising… not one! People are educated through Professional Salons ONLY. Using wrong products without recommendation from a professional can be harmful for your hair. If you have color and are particular about the brand used then you use a shampoo from the price point and no conditioner! Wrong! Firstly, you have to use a conditioner to close the cuticle to ensure the color does not fade and secondly the shampoo can strip color so do some research on how to maintain it.
So many myths… and to be honest in the last three years I have heard some strange ones that at times make me smile! Coconut water and raw egg, olive oil and ginger juice, orange pulp rubbed into the scalp, yoghurt left on the scalp, rubbing ginger on bald patches, egg yolk left on the scalp overnight, eating almonds, rubbing fish oil on your scalp and hair… all of which make me feel squeamish at the very least! What would this do to create and breed bacteria on the scalp let alone what sort of build up your hair is getting with all of this on it? If there was a diet or a remedy that would work, do you think with all of the travels I do I would not have a perfect head of hair? ☺  Sure, there are implants and a lot of research going on but to be honest with you I love having no hair… it gives me more time to concentrate on how others look and not worry about mine!
Today we have product companies making breakthroughs with hair health and promoting hair growth… it is not necessarily the brand you know. Sometimes the best products made in the most amazing countries applied by someone that has no idea how to use it, is far more damaging that the worst product used by a skilled professional! You are the consumer… no one expects you to know more than the professional does; we have to be educated in our decisions. Natural is the buzzword right? Well, if you color your hair and are adamant about using so-called “natural” color you may be shocked when you investigate what is in it! Not all “natural” colors are in fact natural or even good for hair…  Moreover, healthy hair growth can be optimized by a good diet but this alone is not a certainty; it will help but together what your genes determine and hereditary is a key player too!
MY PRESCRIPTION: Eight hours a night sleep and eight glasses of water a day are essential! Salmon, Tuna and Makrel are all high in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. Brazilian nuts contain selenium that is vital for scalp health. Walnuts condition hair with alpha-linolenic acid. Zinc is found in cashew nuts, peanuts and almonds and prevents hair loss. Chicken is an excellent source of protein to help hair grow quickly. Red meat can be consumed twice a week to give hair potency. Vegetarians need not worry that hair growth will be compromised by their diet. Beans and lentils provide a superb source of protein as well as iron, zinc and biotin to prevent brittle locks. Dark green vegetables provide iron and calcium as well as Vitamin A and C that assist in the production of sebum, which the body needs to condition the hair. Carrots also provide Vitamin A. Lastly, no matter how much attention you pay to a strict diet, you must keep in check your sleep and consumption of alcohol as this will surely age you!
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