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Get skin and hair ready for Fashion Week

Fashion Week is around the corner. It's time to dress like a celebrity, be treated like royalty and dance like there's no tomorrow. Dr. Varun Katyal, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Anti-aging Expert, The Skin Centre shares pearls of wisdom!


To begin, ask a dermatologist or skin care professional for an assessment. An appropriate skin care regimen of cleansing, toning, mositurising and using asunscreen of an SPF of 30 is important. Use cleanser as per your skin type followed by toner that sets the stage for everything else you glob onto your face. You must clean your face of dirt, debris, bacteria, lotions and make-up if you want a ‘clear palette’. Skin toners  remove everything else that washing your face misses, help dry up zits,and reduce pore size. They also allow lotions and make-up to glide onto your skin flawlessly. This should be followed by mositurizer.

You must moisturize your skin daily if you want it to look great! Your skin, hair and nails require a lot of extra moisture. Drink water to ensure that your body and skin are amply hydrated but also use moisturizers when and where you can. A few days before the fashion week pencil in some time for a face mask as this helps draw out bacteria [which form zits], remove hidden debris and close pores. Use a good toner afterward to get rid of any mask remains left on your face and diminish large pores. 

Puffy eyes can be a concern as fashion week demands little or no sleep. Keep green tea bags soaked in cold water over the eye area for 10 minutes to relieve the puffiness. You can also try ice or cucumber slices. If that does not work, try firming eye gels  or an aloe vera gel ! Keep them in the refrigerator  to help reduce inflammation. If you feel a tingly sensation that's a sign of an imminent breakout; mix a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water, soak a piece of gauze in the liquid and use it as a compress on the troubled spot. That should help prevent a small breakout from becoming a large one!

The rest of your skin needs care too. Use body lotions  to moisturize your skin and pay careful attention to your hands. Your hands can give away your age in a heartbeat so apply a heavy cream at night and wear gloves to bed. Your hands will look perfect the next day and it will also help moisturize dry nails. You might also use skin scrubs to exfoliate skin atleast once a week to get rid of dead skin cells especially if the dress you are wearing is low cut and shows a lot of skin! Treat any body acne you may have. Strapless dresses require blemish-free skin for the right look. You should wash your body with a cleanser containing 2 percent salicylic acid each day to remove oil and follow it with an alpha-hydroxy scrub to clean any dead skin cells that can clog pores. Slather a bit of shimmery lotion on your collarbone and shoulders. If you are wearing a short dress, you may want to apply some shimmer to your shins, as well. The lotion will give you glowing, luminous skin. For extra glamour, try using a scented lotion to add some alluring fragrance to your ensemble. 

Patch test new products: The last thing you want is a nasty reaction with fashion week around the corner. Swipe new products behind the ear or under the jawline for at least forty-eight hours before using all over. Don't mix products. Many products contain active ingredients that shouldn't go together, so protect yourself by designing a skin care routine from one line designed for your concerns.

Look relaxed with Botox: With all the stress, do you look like you're frowning when you're not? Botox can be put into those "Number 11" lines between your brows so you'll look relaxed for the fashion week, post-show parties and photo-ops. It can also be used to relax smile lines around the eyes and furrows on the forehead. No stress here! Get this treatment done by a doctor atleast 2 weeks before the fashion week.

Get Fillers to plump lips and get rid of lines and wrinkles: If you've never had a filler before, it is probably a good idea to be conservative the first time, to make sure you like it. The filler is injected into the unwanted lines or wrinkles or the lips, smoothing and plumping them out for several months. Get this treatment done by a doctor atleast 2-3 weeks before the fashion week.

Rejuvenate skin with microdermabrasion or superficial peels: Microdermabrasion or light chemical peels can help recover your taut facial skin, making it a perfect palate for make-up with no nasty nooks and crannies, andeven skin tone with diminished lines and wrinkles. Don't forget the neck, chest and back areas if your dress is low-cut. Peels can do wonders for rough skin! Get these treatments done under the supervision of a doctor atleast two weeks before the fashion week.


If hair isn't in great condition, no style will work. First stop: consultation. Depending on your lifestyle and hair type, you may need to detoxify the scalp, condition the ends or add moisture to your hair. Your dermatologist or stylist can advise you on specific products for your needs. Anti-frizz products can weigh down your hair and leave comedogenic films on your skin. Rely on them less by doing a final rinse in cold water while you are in the shower. The cold closes off the cuticle and defrizzes, meaning you'll need less products when you get out. 

Hair often requires as much damage control as skin, but a repairing mask will leave it looking soft and silky. To apply the mask, rub a generous amount of deep conditioner into your hair after shampooing. Look for a conditioner that has an extra moisturizing ingredient, like avocado. Leave the conditioner on your hair for three minutes and then rinse it out. If your hair is dry, wrap it in aluminum foil after applying the mask and blow-dry it for five minutes. The extra heat will allow for deeper penetration.

Determine the basic shape of what you're going for in advance. Get a trim early on to begin establishing that shape. If you color your hair and are happy with the shade, stay with it. But if you think you'd like to change your shade or try coloring for the first time, go ahead at the earliest. Finally, get your last haircut about one to two weeks before the fashion week. That's when the haircut's true shape emerges.


Strapless dresses are sexy and beautiful but they tend to show off tan lines. To cover any lines you may have on your shoulders, apply a cream-to-powder foundation to the un-tanned skin. Allow the foundation to dry for five minutes and then apply a loose powder to set the color. 

Last-minute blemishes are common. If a pimple emerges during fashion week, don’t try to pop it. Instead, hold an ice cube on it for a few minutes to cool the swelling and then apply a medicated concealer. Be sure to pat a little pressed powder on the concealer to set it. 

Updos look fantastic but they have a tendency to fall after a few hours. If you are afraid your hair style might fall down before the end of the night, be sure to finger-comb a bit of texturizing lotion through wet hair before blow-drying. Once you style your hair, spritz a layer of hairspray all over to keep your tresses in place.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips to have glowing skin and gorgeous hair during the fashion week and look your best during the shows, parties... and always!!

Sit confidently in the front row!!
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