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By conceptualising and curating two-day luxury interiors show 'Amour by Neera' Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini awardee Neera Nath created a much-noticed stage for Interiors, who chose the platform as a creative base for their work. From furniture to chandeliers, carpets, lamps, vases, crockery and home linen, this exhibit at The Imperial, New Delhi was an amalgamation of luxury interiors. We sat with Neera to understand how Fashion and interiors are intertwined and her approach to curating interiors.


Neera, you have a wealth of experience in luxury. What is your earliest memory of being impacted by design?


My earliest memory had to be my elegant, feminine and inwardly strong mother's style. Beyond fashion, she always had a way with colours, fabric, jewels and hair accessories and always found something unusual in the mundane. I recall emptying her dressing table — as we called it — of its red  and fuchsia pinks nail paints and lipsticks and doing artwork with it. She would pick and choose  and create amazing saris and even some of our beautiful party dresses, whether  fluffy balloon frocks with tutu cancans and matching lace tiered panties, lacy socks or chic A-line shifts. Her own eclectic selections of fabrics, trims, sunglasses, with stunning prints, delicate gossamer chiffons, strands of stones and pearls,  whatever she did with it and how she carried it off — will remain etched in my childhood memory. Beyond that from my earliest recollections, I know, I noticed colour, aroma and design in everything and have loved beautiful things.


What inspired you to curate a luxury interiors show? 


It's been a very long time dream I nurtured. I feel All Design Is One. I have loved interiors forever. Perhaps it's a natural corollary to fashion, textiles, accessories, show windows and so much more. This is just the beginning. There is so much more I want to offer. And what I offer is luxury at a very affordable price palette.


What is your process when it comes to curating spaces — for exhibits or in your home? Where do you begin?


The process, as in any design process, has a method to the madness. Obviously while curating for a home there will be a format and guidelines I will take. I never shoot in the dark though I do want my clients to give me creative space. Design is a feeling and it is very instinctive. So often, since I meditate, this instinctive intuition is clear and I know what I'm going to curate. It facilitates the process  immensely.  Any object or piece or design or even a colour can be the inspiration for a composition.  Thereafter I build on it.

Can you tell me more about Amour by Neera? What has been accomplished by the debut edition and what is your vision moving forward?


Amour By Neera is a longtime dream, a passion and more. A beginning. It took a lot more time than conceivable for the  logistics and then it came together beautifully. Behind the screen coordination, the complete back-up support and trust of my sponsor DLF and brand partner Shabnam Singhal, my team and friends, who all contributed in their own way, is what made it happen. I wanted to showcase my vision of decor… of some of the options available, just so  people know we can do this. And yes we have loads of queries and interest in sales as well as collaborations. I know there is an enormous possibility to do an immense amount of work. So much is available apart from exquisite workmanship. I wanted to bring all of this together. My vision is to grow, to explode creatively. To tie up with the best logistics teams and the best partners so that I am totally free to concentrate  on creatives… which is my forte


What is the greatest challenge when curating an exhibition like this? 


Truthfully it was gargantuan and Herculean. The coordination. Convincing people of my concept. Its implications, sourcing, the people. Getting them to hold onto my selections for months at the inception. Following up, logistics, many pieces were customised and also meant connecting manufacturers.Many many other aspects were beyond anyone's imagination. I've put in twelve hours a day, for many months. I also had some incredible setbacks, let downs and more straight out of a Bollywood blockbuster, but each one strengthened my resolve. This show had to happen and it was  bigger than me.


Some advice for home makers: what are ways to have fun with interiors without it looking like amateur hour?


I feel it's your personal space. Have fun and bring in what You want. If you feel you cannot do it. please take advice from a professional. We cannot all do everything.


What are two of the most common design mistakes people make when curating home interiors? 

I would not generalise. I do not like to castigate or run down anyone but I feel we are too into beiges, browns or really dull colours. Also we need to evolve in our aesthetics, like a developed sense of style — it is impossible to define — and authentic aesthetics.


What’s trending now?


Jewel colours; matt black; metallics; tribal


On a serious note- how important is sustainability in Interiors, and what are the sustainable techniques that you feel are crucial to implement?


I have always believed in quality. So whether I use natural or man made materials I would like my work to speak for itself, and especially for people to enjoy it  for long. In today's time when the use of natural materials like leather and wood is being questioned I feel I would like to continue using ethically sourced natural materials. But in some way contribute to  the replenishment  of these, to a forestation,  to animal protection etc. which are very close to my heart.


Neera- what's next on the plate?


Jasmeen, this will be a surprise!

Amour By Neera
Neera Nath
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