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If there's anything Abhilasha Singh, Business and Creative Head, Biguine MakeUp doesn't know about make-up, it's not worth knowing. The go-to person at Jean-Claude Biguine for a fresh, modern look and bridal make-up, Abhilasha has a wealth of experience working with Aditya Roy Kapur as his make-up artist and styling two blockbuster films, after which she started the make-up division at JCB India and spearheads the make-up category. Today, Abhilasha takes care of the business and creative aspects of shows, events and designer lookbooks.. and the business of sixteen salons. We asked the iconic make-up artist everything you've always wanted to know about beauty!


From your experience, what are the daily essentials we need to get our best look every day?

A kohl, waterproof mascara and a lip pencil along with a lip balm and illuminator. 


Most women in the corporate environment want to take care of themselves and look good but are afraid of going overboard. Do share some guidance.

For the corporate look, a clean liner on the lid and a gel liner in the waterline will help the under eye clean and not smudged. Be careful that the face must not be over done. HD foundations are a brilliant option to give a no make-up look. Cheek stain is a much better  option then powder blush as it stays longer. 


Most of us are frequent fliers. Do share skincare and beauty tips for women on-the-go. What do you always carry in-flight?

A face mist is very important to keep the skin moisturised and a lip balm.


What are the staples in your emergency mini make-up bag to look fabulous in five minutes or less?

A deep kohl, waterproof mascara, benefits cheek stain, illuminator by Becca and MAC lipstick ruby woo and spice.


People are always asking how to get 'that youthful glow'. What is the percentage of skincare + correct makeup vs. diet?

Food is the most natural way of having a healthy glowing skin. Apart from that, make-up can do the trick but when you have a clear skin the make up gets enhanced.


Do share three hottest make-up looks for monsoon.

Using the correct products is extremely important. All products have to be waterproof. Try using a liquid form or cream form that will settle within the skin.


Do share the hottest make-up for the summer bride. What are the things she should keep in mind weeks before the wedding?

The bride should go on a detox a month prior to her wedding date.This will not only enhance her skin but also help her get her weight in check.


What are the most important beauty lessons you have learnt? 

The most important lessons I have learned is the usage of q tips (buds).They are your best friends!


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