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It's always been fashionable to compare grandiose restaurants or bars to theatre. After all, both have a cast and elaborate stage — in this case, a mahogany-toned Polo-theme bar with canopied roof, photographs of tournament victories and horse-centric moments. The glamour of equestrian sport is masterfully captured — mallets, horseshoes and trophies glisten… a trolley with the finest rare whiskies and hand-picked Cuban cigars is stationed next to the bar… prices often exceeding that of a Broadway show!


Polo Bar in Rambagh Palace is a hotspot for sportsmen and royalty, where the door is manned by a gauntlet of men in black holding reservation lists. The interiors — with a lotus marble fountain quietly taking centre stage — has an old world charm though the furniture is minimalist. What elevates this bar from others is the quality of cocktails served in glasses as heavy as fishbowls and a small, well curated selection of snacks. Walking in at 10 p.m., my friend and I took a table by the arched, scalloped windows overlooking 47-acre ornamental gardens where peacocks slept, and soaking in the ethereal mashaal-lit ambience outside, ordered cognac and platters of 'Lamb Kebabs flavoured with awadhi spice' and 'Asian style grilled prawns served with piri-piri stuffed giant olives'. The music was retro and the ambience, palatial. I never miss a visit to Polo Bar when in Jaipur for its regal ambience, efficient service and quality liquor… and my expectations were yet again satiated.


My last thought as I reluctantly left the bar at midnight was that though the lifespan of a bar is notoriously short, the quietly regal interiors, conscientious service and wide assortment of the finest liquor makes Polo Bar an exception to the culinary rule! I, for one, can't wait to return! 


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Fast Facts

Rambagh Palace, Bhawani Singh Road, Rambagh Circle, Jaipur

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