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There's a certain ambiance at tapas bar Bitters, ensconced in Sandal Suites operated by Lemon Tree Hotels, which may be attributed to confidence and experience. That said it's laidback, with soft lounge music and a television screen, and the movements are relaxed. Once we acquainted ourselves with the manager and mixologist, and observed a dialogue between them, it led me to conclude that these guys should double as mixology tutors! I was not wrong.


Walking in at 10 p.m. after European dinner at Citrus Cafe, I was pleasantly surprised. The bar with tribal art and comfort seating had a chic relaxed vibe. Taking the reserved table laid out with olives, banana chips and nuts, I asked the mixologisti Sameer Soni for suggestions and he took over and made me 'Tom Yum Mojito' on the table. The well blended mix of Bacardi, basil, Demerara sugar, lime juice and soda with lemongrass and galangal slices was fresh and flavourful. This was the first time I had a cocktail with Thai ingredients and loved it! It was the perfect weekday eve with friends and we liked the ambience with its low music that encouraged conversation. Instead of going in for seconds of the refreshing summer cocktail, I asked the mixologist for the signature cocktail; he suggested 'Devil's Advocate,' and made it table side. The refreshing albeit super-potent blend of Tequila, red wine, martini, de-seeded red chilli, sugar syrup and lime juice — garnished with chilli horns — was one of the best I've had in a pretty long time!! The fact the mix of potent liquors was not overwhelming spoke of the mixologist's excellence. My friend mentioned the fresh mango cocktail was heavenly too! Hmmm.


My last thoughts? Visit the tapas bar whether it’s drinks with colleagues or post-dinner cocktails with friends. There is an air of luxury about Bitters… but it's affordable luxury. Attention To Detail is key—right from the ambience to the fine cocktails and the efficient, knowledgeable service. It comes together to create a memorable experience for guests. So, whatever kind of drinker you are—experimentalist, sophisticate or old-fashioned chugger—visit Bitters if you like well made cocktails. Cheers!


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Fast Facts

Bitters, Sandal Suites Operated By Lemon Tree Hotels, Sector 135, Noida

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