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The architecture and interiors of Bar Palladio makes it the most charming spot in Jaipur; when I was seated at a table with a magnificent view of peacocks grazing within a few feet, I felt the magic of dining in paradise. Situated in a garden within Narain Niwas Palace, Bar Palladio was born with a simple intent of presenting authentic Italian cuisine in a charming ambience that lets guests feel the magic of an artistic lounge the magic of peacocks in the grounds, the magic of wine and Italian cuisine under tented canopies warmed by a bonfire.


Christened after Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, Barbara Miolini's Bar Palladio is an ode to Italian style and cuisine, viewed through the prism of 20TH century maharajas. She first opened a textile factory in Jaipur and before long felt the need-gap for a European lounge bar… and opened one that reflects her vision of European dining. Walking down a candle-lit path to the dining room, I was in awe of the murals of exotic birds and the stunning florals against turquoise and teal walls, the handpainted ceiling, the opulent ottoman, the carved stone bar, the crystal stemware and above all the menu depicting ostriches playing hide-and-seek! I felt like Alice falling down the fabled hole…


Perusing the menu, I ordered 'Helene', a cocktail of black rum and strawberry puree. This was accompanied by 'gnocchi' with pesto and 'ravioli' with spinach and sage butter sauce. The cocktail was mixed skilfully and one long sip had me happy while the gnocchi and ravioli were just so flavourful. Ordering a refill and mains i.e. roast chicken with spinach and potatoes, I threw on a pashmina shawl as there was a nip in the air despite the blazing bonfires — the ambience was right out of a fairytale. Was I in the heart of Jaipur? Really?! Hmm. The chicken breast was roasted to perfection, enough to seal the juices, served with potatoes and spinach. Flavourful and wholesome!


Deeply satisfied with a meal in such a beautiful place, away from the hustle bustle right outside, I promised myself I'd be back soon! Reminiscing about drinks and dinner, that evening there's a reason why Bar Palladio is packed all days of the week. The proprietor has a pulse of what discerning diners want — the growing number of regulars is proof. I highly recommend chilling out with friends, or a beloved, over cocktails and Italian cuisine. If you're alone, it's a good place to catch up on reading at sundown while the order is being prepared. Buon appetito! 


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Narain Niwas Palace, Narain Circle, Kanota, Jaipur

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